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Kinetics of Success

At Kinetics of Success we are committed to providing professional development at various levels to facilitate business growth while emphasising on healthy work life balance and overall personal growth.


“Transforming lives and growing businesses”


“Achieving new heights”

Services we provide:

  • Assistance with recruitment
  • Customised workshops on 
    • Team building
    • Communication
    • Sales
    • Leadership 
  • One on one Growth Consultancy

Team Building :

Effective and committed employee teams who take responsibility for their results and constantly strive to improve are a profitable asset to any organisation.  They are self-motivate, task-oriented, thrive on great outcomes and induce a culture of excellence in others around them.  They are loyal and engaged units with a collaborative mindset and dynamic creativity who are capable of high performance standards with minimal management once a strategic direction has been set.

Instilling a culture of teamwork in your organisation as one of its core values will pay dividends in both the long and short terms.  Employees will feel empowered, enthusiastic and energised and will be capable of delivering results to a deadline while being accountable to each other and management.

The Kinetics of Success Build a Stronger Team Programs create a team culture.  There are two programs, Gold and Diamond.  Each enhances organisational outcomes via a series of activities and workshops designed to transform your employees into a well-oiled, functional team.

Outcomes include –

  • Improved Productivity via Willing Collaboration,
  • Enhanced Staff Motivation and Morale,
  • Better Staff Retention,
  • Reduced Incidents of Employee Conflict,
  • Installation of a Growth Mindset,
  • An appreciation for the Value of Training,
  • A Dynamic and Considerate Workforce Focussed on Delivering Results.

The Kinetics of Success Gold and Diamond Packages offer different methods and tools to bring about the change in culture required in your workplace.  Additional information about these two packages is available upon request.  Contact us to receive your copy of the information so you may make an informed decision about the package that is right for your organisation.  The content of each course may be adjusted to suit your needs.

A team-focussed mindset is a trainable skill.  It just requires the right foundation to be laid and strategic teaching techniques to make it happen.  Enquire now to learn more.


Mahesh Garg (Director, FLYONIT)

"We engaged Kirti from Kinetic of Success for a team building exercise for our team based in  Australia and India. FLYONIT operate on very strict deadlines, as lot of our clients need the work done yesterday. Taking responsibility and upgrading individual skills is key to the success of the company. Kirti was fantastic in establishing the strong bond between Team Australia and India. Her wheel of life was fantastic and did give Aha! moments for some of the team members. I highly recommend Kirti for Corporate and personal training and looking forward for our next workshop on Communication"

Anna Quach (Director,  Citrus Fitness Australia Pty Ltd )

I attended Kirti’s 3 hour workshop and then full day workshop, and must I say, the energy and vibe of both were great. Kirti has a very powerful way of reaching attendees, and through her own stories and experiences were able to explain concepts and teach techniques that I have used and benefited from ever since then. The tools that she has given me, I have been able to use for myself in times of stress and anxiety, and have further empowered me to help my clients too. My husband and my clients also attended the workshops with me, and I have seen such drastic changes in their mindset too. Thank You Kirti and Kinetics of Success for all your help. 

Vandana Verma (Workshop participant)

 Great workshop ! It was amazing to have deeper insight into the self... how our thoughts create the conditions of our life... loved it. 

Workshop Pics

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Stress Management
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